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Challanges of modern business often require solutions based on complex information technology. But even in areas where traditional, analog methods are the norm, a cleverly designed digital alternative may drastically increase work efficiency, enhance production or create better working conditions. Applixation specializes in developing complex software systems which help meet these challanges, old or new.

Our strongness


Many years of working together closely has forged our reliable and future-proof team. All of our experts are highly qualified specialists (engineers and economists) with over forty successful projects and close to sixty years of combined professional experience behind them.


Our company can handle a wide spectrum of different software-development tasks. Besides dealing with conventional IT options, we take advantage of the latest cloud-based technology and, when it comes to mobile devices, we utilize cross-platform solutions.


Special note should be made of our many years’ experience in the field of location-based services, where we have outstanding reputation both at home and abroad.

Logicort logo

Logicort is an automated, smart storage management service that will allow you to track the movement of goods inside your facility in real-time. It will not only give you up-to-date information on the precise location of the merchandise, it can also show you the movement of forklifts and other transport vehicles through the service’s management interface.

Medicort logo

Medicort will make your patient journey management easier and more efficient by letting you track the current position and status of your patients and medical devices within the compounds of your health care facility.

Shopcort logo

Shopcort is an automated, smart system that will monitor and analyze the movement of customers in your facility, allowing you to track their paths in real-time and to establish typical shopping routes.

Salecort logo

Salecort is an innovative location-based marketing service for smartphones, usable indoors and outdoors, and easily customizable based on the user’s demands. It can display special offers and messages encouraging purchase on the mobile devices.


We strive to deliver top quality, flexible service – always in line with the Customer’s needs.

Our services

Arrow Development of complex server-client systems, customized web-based and mobile applications. Database management.
Arrow Development of cloud-based solutions and cross-platform (multiplatform) mobile applications.
Arrow Develoment of location-based services, indoor and outdoor geographical information systems, navigational solutions.
Arrow Research and development projects, prototype development.
Arrow Counseling, project management.
Arrow System design, system integration.
Arrow Testing, documenting.

Our experts

Arrow Technical management with fifteen years of experience in the field of software development and research and development.
Arrow Senior backend, frontend and database server developers (Java, .NET, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Sql, NoSql).
Arrow Senior cross-platform and native mobile application developers (Xamarin, iOS, Android, Windows).
Arrow Project manager and business analyst.
Arrow Customer support expert, test engineer.

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